Experience how living room furniture can be put together

At Saxo Living you have the unique opportunity to experience new living room furniture and how they can be put perfectly together before ordering them. This all happens in our beautiful showroom. Here you have the chance to see, feel and witness our different pieces of furniture. Feel the different foams and decide which colors makes the perfect match for a living room. In our showroom you can experience all our different living room furniture close up, and see how quality, design and comfort come together in perfect harmony.

See your new office before you buy it

We know how big a decision it is, to furnish your office with new living room furniture. It is not something you just do.  Decisions must be made about fabric, color and model. This is why we have our showroom. Here you can see all the living room furniture and get an idea a of how they will look in your office before you buy them. It is the perfect way to make sure, that you end up with your ideal living room furniture.

Visit our danish showroom
Industriparken 1, Blok B
4800 Nykøbing Falster