A quality sofa to make your day perfect

At Saxo Living we want to make your home the best place you can be. It is our conviction that a perfect home is build with the perfect furniture. Furthermore, we believe that the living room is the most important room, and that the sofa should be the center of this room. That is why you should put some extra thought into this piece of furniture. When you buy your sofa at Saxo Living you get a high quality Danish sofa, made in beautiful Skandinavian design. With a furniture like this you are guaranteed the perfect center for your living room.

Bring the Scandinavian style into your own home

The design is one of the most important parts of finding the perfect new piece of furniture. This is something we know at Saxo Living. All our furniture is kept in a Scandinavian design. Here it is the simplicity and the straight lines which makes the key to a beautiful article of furniture.
Comfort, design and quality are the three words which we have in focus when making our Danish sofas – and with a sofa from Saxo Living you get all three and always at a reasonable price.

A sofa to fit your life

We have many different couches and when you buy your new model at Saxo Living you can get exactly the look you want. For example, if you are looking at our model ’Classic’ – with this Danish sofa it is the simplicity of it, which makes it beautiful. Furthermore, you have the chance to build the furniture just as you want to. Do you want your sofa for two or three persons? Or maybe a corner sofa where the whole family can gather? No matter what kind of couch you want, we can bring it to you at Saxo Living.